Florence Lisette Lushington. Red Cross Volunteer.

Sir Arthur Lushington, his wife Florence and their daughter Lisette from an 
edition of "The Tatler" in 1902. 

Florence was born in Canterbury, Kent, on 8th November 1892 and was baptised at St Andrew’s Church, Melton, on 15th January 1893. During the First World War, Florence, or Betty as she was known, joined the Red Cross as a nursing volunteer serving from 1st July 1916 until the 30th August 1918. During this time she undertook nursing duties at Foxborough Hall Auxilliary Hospital in Melton.

In 1929, Florence married Cecil Frank Drury-Lowe Bruce Durham, but they divorced in 1938. Florence died on 5th December 1942 in Ladysmith, South Africa as a result of an accident.