Phyllis Lilian Murray; Red Cross Volunteer.

The Red Cross Service record of Phyllis Murray who went on to train as a registered nurse, qualifying in 1922.

Arthur and Nora’s eldest daughter, Phyllis, was born on 30th May 1889 in North Kensington, London.

During the First World War, Phyllis worked at a nursing volunteer with the No.2 Suffolk Voluntary Aid Detachment at Foxborough Hall Red Cross Hospital, giving a total of one thousand four hundred and fifty-two hours of her time between July 1915 and May 1916.

After this, Phyllis began training as a nurse at East Suffolk and Ipswich Hospital. She became a registered nurse in September 1922.

In 1939, Phyllis was living with her sister Marjorie, a missionary, in Paddington. Phyllis did not marry and she died in Hindhead, Surrey, in 1962. She was seventy-three. Phyllis is buried with her family at Melton Old Church.