Prospect Place

The people listed lived in Prospect Place on the Melton Road. Click on their names for their stories.


2 Prospect Place 

 William Holton


3 Prospect Place 

 Major Dench Major


6 Prospect Place 

 Harry Chandler


7 Prospect Place 

 The Cranmer Family; Alexander, Thomas and Bertram


11 Prospect Place 

 William Henry Wiffen


12 Prospect Place 

 The Smith Family; Arthur, George, Frank Wilmott and Albert


13 Prospect Place 

 Frank Moscrip Wilson


15 Prospect Place 

 The Burrows Family; Edmund, Frederick and Horace


16 Prospect Place 

The King Family; Edward (Father)John, Fred and James King


17 Prospect Place 

Albert Isenbiel



Prospect Place as it is today. The buildings remain much as they were a century ago. ILLUSTRATION: JENNIFER HALL. OAK GALL INK ON PAPER. 2019.